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Idyllwild Internet

Green Cafe Internet offers the following services:

High Speed Internet
Includes cable, DSL, satellite, dedicated circuits, fiber-optics, and Wireless.
We offer speeds from 1 to 300 Mbps. For fiber-optic lines, speeds can be up to 4 GBps.

Computer Repair/Virus and Malware Removal/Setup/Software Installation
We repair both Apple Macintosh, Windows desktops and laptops. We can fix them
at your home, business or at our repair facility located in Idyllwild, California.
Repair rates at $75.00 per hour. We have worked on Macintosh platform since January 1985.

We can setup a variety of VOIP/Telephone type systems.

Website Hosting
We will host your website on our own dedicated servers.
Packages start at $124.00/Year.

We host websites on our own dedicated Linux servers and are skilled in a variety of programming languages, including PHP, PERL, HTML, C, Ruby, Javascript, Mysql and Bash. We also have experience with CMS platforms such as Wordpress, SquareSpace and Drupal and vBulletin. Much of our programming is in the area of Javascript (e.g., Node.js) and PERL/PHP scripting. We have worked with a variety of customers, from television companies such as NHK and NASA TV to schools such as Idyllwild Arts and Morning Sky.

Basic HTML Server for webhosting
Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal Hosting, Bear CMS
SquareSpace, Wix
Server Setup
Custom Programming
Graphic Design: Call Email Campaigning
Texting Marketing
Texting Development
VOIP/Telephone System Setup
TV and Audio/Video Setup

Custom Programming

Phone: (951) 659-6000

Email: info@greencafe.com